Game as Art, that’s what it’s all about


Hi. I’m what you can call a cinema enthusiast. I eat and drink, but only so I can watch “2001” for the billionth time. I’m also a movie critic of the worst kind (the ones who think highly of their opinions), so pardon me if I seem arrogant. Since criticism is a part of me, I love to be criticized; so you can have your revenge in the comments page. I myself, see criticism as the only way to improve oneself, so go ahead.

I’m also in love with videogames, ever since they started to become a more “artistic” medium. I have little doubt that they are a new and exciting form of art, and will eventually replace cinema as an audiovisual medium for the masses. Games are still young and immature, but they are also bursting with creativity and new ideas, which makes them much more exciting than other mediums.

So, this is my game blog. Here, I will review games and write about games’ artistic trends, history and future. In my reviews, I will take a different approach than most media outlets and magazines. I will take a closer look into games’ art design, plot and narrative, level and gameplay design. The authors behind the games will also be a special point of interest. Graphics, length, and other aspects will be completely overlooked, since I find it ridiculous to evaluate art on a mere technical or value standpoint. Movies and records are never criticized for having small budgets, being too short or not being “fun” enough. They are evaluated for the quality of their workmanship, art, ideas and meanings. So should games.