Wave Foam – “The Big White Elephant”

Storm Cloud in advance of a tornado in USA : photo Mike Hollingshead/Extremeinstability.com

Cloud computing has just become the hottest new buzz word for the industry. Like the mythic Phantom platform, the OnLive system comes with the promise of solving every single problem ever known to players. No more costly consoles and games, no more installations, DRM issues or complex hardware configurations, no more wasted trips to the local store to get a game, or long download times for the newest Steam-powered game; OnLive solves every one of this problems. And guarantying a rock-solid performance comparable to that of locally running an Xbox360, Playstation 3 or high-end PC, with 720p, 60 FPS, and 5.1 sound. OnLive could just as well be a player’s wet dream… and like all wet dreams it belongs in the world of fantasy and fiction. At least that is what everybody with some technical background in computer/network engineering will tell you, as the extensive, detailed Eurogamer/DigitalFoundry article shows.

If further evidence was needed, now you can have it. David Perry (notable game designer behind “Eartworm Jim” and “MDK”) is leading OnLive’s competition in the cloud computing business, with his own Gakai. He just released a new demo video, and once again, there’s a Eurogamer/DigitalFoundry article that thoroughly analyzes it. The big difference between Gakai and OnLive, is that Gakai shows off credible results considering the currently available technology. No smoke and mirrors, no outrageous promises, bold PR statements or seedy business models. Gakai seems down to earth, credible, and doesn’t aim for the moon. It allows games to be run in any computer, through a web browser page, with medium quality results. Audio is stereo with a quality level similar to low-tier MP3; visually intensive games run decently enough, even though there appears to be lag and some noticeable FPS drops; older, less technically impressive games, run in lower resolution screens, but get a pretty steady performance at 30 FPS. And this is in a controlled demo environment. If this medium-quality service already encounters some performance issues, think about OnLive, with its super high end quality standards! Perhaps then you can realize how unrealistic the OnLive proposition really is. Despite that, (almost) all of the media ran the OnLive story with minimum amounts of scepticism. Just serves to show how technically prepared most media outlets are.

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  1. This ridiculous post shows how much you know about internet technology and computer systems. And you dare to snicker at OnLive? You poor ignorant soul.

    OnLive will be possible within less than 2 years using a recently acquired proprietary Alien processing core that will not only boost the internet access communications signal up to 1600% of their actual bandwidth, as it will enable thousands of users to access HD gaming using streamed images with 0.0% lag – each nanomachine-sized ultra processing unit making it REAL, supported by a liquid nitrogen cooling system developed by the military in a concealed base in New Mexico. Each of the 64 cores on those processors will produce 10.000x the actual raw processing power of, say, a Quad-Core or a Double-CELL structure.

    It should come as no surprise since as we all know that the American government has harnessed part of this processing power – to be exact, an early experimental version bestowed to J. Edgar Hoover by the Zeta Reticuli embassador on Earth not long after the Roswell incident – to the creation of the super computer network Echelon, a system so powerful that only Steve Wozniak, with the aid of Dr. Stephen Hawking, was able to develop proper software for it – I mean the original Wozniak, not the android doppelgänger you see walking around the streets these days.


    • ruicraveirinha
    • July 4th, 2009

    Great comment Sensei, really funny stuff 🙂

  2. Wait and see…. Onlive will be up and running smoothly this time next year. It can work and it will 🙂

    • ruicraveirinha
    • July 6th, 2009

    I love when people don’t debate facts, ideas or rational deductions, and just simply state they’re right… because they’re right. “It can and it will” – kinda reminds me of political propaganda, you know? Has a certain click to it – “IT CAN AND IT WILL”; vote Onlive in the coming elections; this message was brought to you by Onlive – the future of gaming.

    But seriously, would do you like to digress on how Onlive can and will be implemented?

    Hell, who cares, right? It will work because you say so, and if you say it, than it must therefore be true. Guess we’ll know who’s right in the near future. Thanks for the comment.

  3. (laughs)

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