New Year in Metagame


New Year, new rules. I’ve been pondering for some time now how I could improve my blog for the second year of its existence. Though I didn’t come to any sort of permanent conclusion, I have decided to make some minor changes. First, I have decided to refrain from grading games in every one of their expressive dimensions, I feel nobody gives them any importance (me included), and so they only become visual clutter in the endless sea of letters my reviews carry. Also, I will try to cut my reviews short – from what I’ve perceived, they are too big, and become somewhat tedious. Though I cannot vouch for my editing abilities, I will try to make my reviews as cohesive and coherent as possible in the future. Finally, I’d just like to say that last year’s analysis articles will start being posted soon, the best and worst of the year will be included. Thanks for reading… and Happy New Year.

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  1. I don’t feel that grading games once you’ve said all the things that you regularily say in your reviews is really important. But having long and comprehensive reviews is important. As a reader of this blog I have to say that I like to read your articles because they provide additional and unique insight in each of those games that you analyze.

    What I try to say is that I fear that cutting your articles short might impact the depth of the topics you usually discuss. That’s what makes your articles different from the usual reviews that you can read on gamespot or ign.

    Happy new year to you as well.

    • ruicraveirinha
    • January 9th, 2009

    Thank you Diego.

    As to cutting them down, I don’t plan in any way to reduce what I’m trying to say, instead I’ll just try to condense the text to make it more readable and captivating. It’s a thin line, I know, but I hope I can achieve that balance with time. Besides, I won’t cut them down in half… simply trimming out the edges and editing them to make them more cohesive.

    Thanks for the support, and once again,

    Happy New Year

    • jorgesousa
    • January 13th, 2009

    While I can understand your point of view regarding the grades – why add even more subjectivity? – I have to agree with Diego, in the question of the shortened texts. I know that you won’t refrain from saying what you want, or mean, but I’ve grown acostumed to your writing, which, I must say, has a style of its own – and that is a good thing. It is not a journalistic, well trimmed, ready to consume text. It is your way of seeing things that reflects on your discourse and that – along with your way of living videogames – stands this kind of texts from “professional” reviews. I can almost perceive what and how you see in videogame by the tone of tour discourse. Again, I perceive that as a good thing.

    On the other hand, I understand the need you could have in professionalizing your material. It is fair, and I know it won’t lose your personal touch, but it will lose, I believe, your personal discourse wittiness – and some of your freedom in exposing your thoughts – they will be even more filtered by the need of condensation, it is inevitable.

    I would just like to paste here a quote that, I feel, exemplifies what I mean. It is a subject – restraining of personal type of discourse – that is present also in my academic/professional life, and it is why I this lines are so resonant with me:

    “Old, slow, creaking descriptions are a thing of the past; today the rule is brevity – but every word must be supercharged, high-voltage. We must compress into a single second what was held before in a sixty-second minute. And hence, syntax becomes elliptic, volatile; the complex pyramids of full-stops are dismantled stone by stone into independet sentences. When you are moving fast, the canonised, the customary eludes the eye: hence, the unusual, often startling, symbolism and vocabulary. The image is sharp, synthetic, with a single salient feature – the one feature that you would glimpse form a speeding car.” — Yevgeny Zamyatin

    That being said, good luck for this new year with this project of yours. I will, most definetely, continue to accompany this blog, that tickles my brain in ways that any other videogame based texts cannot.

    Keep up the excelent work, my friend 😉

    • ruicraveirinha
    • January 13th, 2009

    Thanks for the support Jorge…
    I’ll definitely ponder what you just said. Maybe big isn’t that bad. Oh… and great quote by the way!

    Big hug!

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