Dark Sector – “The Darkness awaits in the Obscure Black Shadow of the Sinister and Gloomy Night”

Why is it, that when something good comes along, everybody rushes to rehash it over and over again? Strange… I wonder why that happens. Anyways, here is “Dark Sector”, aka clone 245 of the (in)famous “Gears of War”, itself being the in vitro synthetic life-form born out of “Resident Evil 4” and “Kill Switch” – you gotta love the wonders of game design genetics. Now, about “Dark Sector”, what can be said that isn’t already present in its cloned DNA? …………………………………………………………………………………….. (the wind blowing outside) Nothing, that’s right! You would’ve thought that the guys over Digital Extremes would have some ideas on how to improve, or at least slightly perfect its genetic father, but… NOPE. No ideas here. Oh, I forgot, there’s some wicked little shuriken thingy called a Glaive, but I could’ve sworn seeing it someplace else. It makes the game much better, having wicked powers, like a shield and a power attack, and invisibility and stuff, it’s just so freakin amazing! And the guns? Don’t get me started on those! AK’s, 9mm’s, Shotguns, it’s all in here. Seriously! And y’know, you can even upgrade them and buy new ones at a black market vendor… (deja vu hits , let it go…… gone, hmm, wonder what that’s all about?). It’s all about epic warfare, killing wave after wave of nasty enemies, wave after wave, after wave, after wave, after wave, (yawn) hmm… where was I, oh right, wave after wave, after wave (just copy-paste this 1235 times in the text and save me the work, ok?). It’s just amazing how many enemies they placed in a double layered DVD, I mean if it were a bluray, one could understand, but in a DVD, that’s a huge achievement, dude. And it has freakin huge bosses too, like a chopter and some big ass monster that’s twelve feet tall. Where else have you seen the sheer class of these enemies? Hmm? That’s it, nowhere! “Gears of War” just doesn’t cut it in number and size of enemies, that’s how badass this “Dark” thingy game is! And they copied “Gears” so thoroughly, just as noble, honest thieves would, including every little detail; faulty gameplay included. I mean, talk about commitment, I would’ve sworn the developers could understand how annoying getting stuck to a wall while being shot at is, but maybe they’re just masochists. Who knows? A lot of freaks prowl game companies these days (I’ve even heard of one crazy japanese guy that has 90 minute cutscenes in a game, and can still get perfect scores, hihihi, but shhhhhh, highly classified, very hush hush, don’t tell anyone about this, no one noticed it yet).

Talk about that Hide-o what’s his name, they even wrote this crazy plot in his homage, about some scientists that build a perfect virus that goes like, out of control and shit, turning people into crazy cyborg zombies, or ninjas, or some stuff like that, I guess it depends on the bloke, and then the CIA wants it, and you’re a spy guy for them, but you’re infected and shit, but that gives you strange powers, and so you have to use them to stop the nutty USSR scientist that feels bad about some mysterious dark event in the past they never disclose, and so wants to destroy the world with the virus, and then there’s some hot, black chick, that’s also pissed about the mysterious dark event in the past they never disclose, but you’re in love with her, big romance, that kind of stuff, but then it all comes down to a big fight for humanity and shit, sacrifices are made… I mean, talk about oscar winning scripts, man. Totally awesome.

Alas, I digress, you can check the story for yourself. The thing that you absolutely need to know about “Dark Sector” is how beautiful it looks. It’s just so… what’s the word? … Dark, that’s it. Really dark. Let’s put it this way, it makes “The Darkness” and “Gears of War” look like gaudy paintings – that’s how dark, gritty and drab the game looks like. I mean, colors? Who needs those? Throw them all away it’s what I tell ya (they hurt the ozone lair, man – join the cause, clean up the planet of those nasty colors). The soundtrack? Freakintastic, I’ve never heard anything like it, its brooding strings and heavy bass lines are simply revolutionary! Well, if you forget every horror movie soundtrack to this day, that is.

There’s just so much good stuff here… If I had one game to take to a desert island it would be this one. It’s that good. Do yourself a favor buy this, Now!

Overall: 5/5






Sorry for the rant, but some games just make you wanna forget you actually played them. Obviously, the true grade is as follows:

Overall: 0/5

  1. Ahem… I thought for a moment there that I would have to go “medieval on your ass”.

    • ruicraveirinha
    • August 27th, 2008

    😀 hehehe Bad game… Bad review 😉

  2. i finish this game is hard -.-

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