Rule of Rose – “Tale of a Filthy, Unlucky Little Girl”

Once upon a time, there was a wee-little girl named Jennifer. She was a filthy and naughty little girl, and for some reason, bad luck and all sorts of horrible things followed her around. Wonderful! Tee-hee. What a poor, helpless, unlucky girl. She took the school-bus one day and found a strange boy there. He was such a lovable boy with such a beautiful and evil smile; she had met him once before, a faint memory of a dark, distant past. He said: “Follow me!” – and left the bus. She followed, only to watch him disappearing into the night, in the direction of an old orphanage – “The House of Rose”. The bus left, leaving Jennifer behind. Poor, helpless little girl, she knew not what labors she had signed on to… I grin just thinking about it. And so she treaded the old path leading through the dark forest. Brooding shadows and worn-down old trees abounded. Hihihi, little Jennifer got scared, and ran, ran, ran… as fast as she could… into to the wicked, old, Orphanage.

On the way there, she found a hideous crumbling shed. A small dog lied inside, little ugly Brown… poor filthy Brown, yelping from all the loneliness and hunger. Stupid Jennifer took him in, helping and nurturing him. They would become great friends you see, never to separate again. For a filthy mutt, he was quite the smart little whelp, sniffing out any little thing, leading Jennifer through all the labyrinths and wicked mazes that laid in her path. Such disgusting little friends they’d become, helping out each other through all the evil…

And so, she headed to the orphanage of Rose, to face her horrible little friends. Hahaha! Such delightful times they’d have! Playing nasty games with one another… Of course, she’d have to face scary trials to prove her friendship to all of her dear “House of Red” wicked little friends… Ah, such beauty and fun! But her friends weren’t all she would find in the orphanage, horrendous monsters from her dreadful past also lived there. Marvelous little things, filled with anger and hate… good little friends. Luckily, she was a frail little girl, and had a hard time defending herself from the fearful monsters! Poor unlucky girl, she couldn’t hit the big baddie monsters, even when she tried really hard. Ah, what a waste, many frustrations she’d meet, and you, my dearest reader must face them with her. Poor, helpless reader. To endure such horrible trials must be disgusting.

Can Jennifer find the clues about her horrific past and leave the evil orphanage? It is up to you to find out if Jennifer and Brown will live happily ever after. Me, I hope not… But you, my dearest reader must play with the little girl to find out… hihihi, what horrible little stories lie in your path…

Overall: 5/5

    • dieubussy
    • May 25th, 2008

    So this older boy with a young kid’s visage stumbled into the younger one’s diary and found (shhh don’t tell anyone, it’s a BIG secret) a very amusing piece on one of his favourite games. And it wasn’t horrible or nasty, or smelly like the nic nacs in the shed, or like the coffin outside the old house: it was beautiful and for once he agreed with him and they didn’t have to fight anymore and became friends… at last, filthy little friends! Laughing with their mouths covered, going “hihihihi” behind closed doors, murmuring, scaring the naughty gamers who like to play bad-bad games. And there was no spanking, or even screaming… just a cute and quirky laughter that made the other kids feel wrong inside. And they cried in tears, and rubbed their eyes and snorted. And we… we rejoiced.

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